Faculty Interest & Expertise

Pam Adams
  • Action research and collaborative inquiry, teacher-preparation and inquiry-based professional learning
  • Leadership and system/school improvement
  • Tertiary instructional effectiveness and adult learning
Danny Balderson
  • Sports academies: the effects on students, school and communities
  • Assessment and technology in physical education
  • Team cohesion/group dynamics in youth sports
Lorraine Beaudin
  • Emerging technology in teaching and learning
  • Web-based teaching and learning
  • Online teaching and learning
  • Leadership and technology
  • Gaming in education
Kerry Bernes
  • Career development
  • Behavioural disorders
  • At-risk youth
  • The professional practice of psychology
Robin Bright
  • Writing across the grade levels
  • Children's and young adult literature in teaching
  • Teaching multi-literacies across the curriculum
  • Language and literacy in early childhood education
  • Bullying prevention, cyber-bullying, and digital citizenship
Dawn Burleigh
  • Indigenous education
  • Teacher's work in First Nation communities
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Critical perspectives of policy and curriculum
  • Supervision practices in teacher education
Richard Butt
  • Autobiographical inquiry and professional knowledge
  • Professional health and well-being
  • Program review and development
  • Policy analysis and development
Sandra Dixon
  • Ethnocultural issues
  • Faith-based practices
  • Multicultural counselling
  • Social justice
  • Cultural identity
  • Counselling immigrants
Elaine Greidanus
  • Technology and mental health
  • Using technology to reduce barriers in accessing health services in rural populations
  • Simulation-based approaches to interdisciplinary health team education
Lance Grigg
  • Critical thinking theory and pedagogy
  • Chess, executive function and youth in the criminal justice system
  • Philosophy of education
  • Critical thinking in nursing education
Nancy Grigg
  • Inclusive education
  • Neuroscience and education
  • Undergraduate teacher preparation
Thelma Gunn
  • Research methods and design
  • Program evaluation
  • Pre-service teacher preparation
Erika Hasebe-Ludt
  • Language and literacy, life writing, literary metissage 
  • Canadian transnational curriculum theory and practice
  • Teacher education in the context of multiple literacies and arts-based inquiry
  • Community-based inquiry
Robert LeBlanc
  • Literacy
  • English Language Arts
  • Linguistic anthropology of education
  • Catholic schools
Craig Loewen
  • Problem solving in the Mathematics classroom
  • Alternative approaches to Mathematics teaching
  • Teacher preparation and development
Jeffrey MacCormack
  • Play-based learning
  • Social competence of youth with autism spectrum disorder
  • Inclusive classroom practice and perceptions of (dis)ability
  • Collaborating with parents of students with special needs
Richelle Marynowski
  • Mathematics teaching and learning
  • Classroom and large-scale assessment
  • Examination design and development
  • Assessment practices in outreach schools
  • Teacher professional development
Chris Mattatall
  • Institutional research on student experiences/perceptions
  • Social networks (nature and impact) in schools
  • Reading instruction: prevention and intervention approaches
Kas Mazurek
  • Comparative education
  • Social, political and economic factors shaping schooling
  • Multiculturalism, minority group relations, and schooling
Dawn McBride
  • Teaching online: creating cohesiveness and rich debate
  • Trauma: family violence, medical, accidents, self-harm
  • Ethics and professional practice: consent and record keeping practices
  • Treatment of mental health: focusing on emotional regulation, attachment, transactional analysis, somatic work, creative arts, groups and supervision
Carmen Mombourquette
  • Principal leadership that influences student achievement
  • School district leadership
  • First Nations school leadership
  • Toolkit to enact Alberta's school leadership competencies
Greg Ogilvie
  • Task-based language teaching
  • Diversity and multiculturalism
  • Social justice
  • Critical interculturality
  • Restorative justice pedagogy
Sharon Pelech
  • Science education
  • Interpretive (hermeneutic) research
  • Ecopedagogy
  • Curriculum theory and history
Noella Piquette
  • Inclusion strategies for teachers
  • Gender-based gambling treatment
  • Supporting early language and literacy development
  • Support of marginalized populations                                         Culturally diverse counselling and teaching
John Poulsen
  • Performance drama education
  • Community involvement in fine arts
  • Fostering teacher professional development
  • Shakespeare Reader's Theatre
  • Fine Arts curriculum development
Blythe Shepard
  • Rural counselling and the use of technology
  • Counsellor advocacy and mobility in Canada
  • Counsellor development, training and clinical supervision
David Slomp
  • Ethical assessment design and use
  • Development of writing ability
  • Writing assessment
Darlene St. Georges
  • Creation research
  • Metis identity
  • Aesthetic encounters and knowledge
  • Indigenous methodology and pedagogy
Marlo Steed
  • New Media design
  • Educational value in the Act of Creation
  • Focused practicums
  • 3D printing: implications for education
Amy von Heyking
  • History of Canadian schooling
  • History teaching and learning
  • Faith-based schooling and citizenship education