Using AI

Benefits of using ChatGPT for your application documents 

  • Expanding Knowledge Base: ChatGPT's vast knowledge base allows students to explore various industries, job roles, and potential skills they can highlight in their job application documents. 
  • Personalized Feedback: ChatGPT can offer personalized feedback to each student based on their specific experiences and job preferences. 
  • Refinement of Accomplishment Statements: ChatGPT can assist students in formulating effective accomplishment statements by evaluating their existing bullet points. 
  • Bridging the Gap to Industry Expectations: ChatGPT's insights into current industry trends and employer expectations can help students align their application materials. 
  • Preparing for Interviews: In addition to job application documents, ChatGPT can also help students prepare for interviews. It can provide sample interview questions and tips.

Formula to use AI

[Context] + [Specific Information] + [Goal] + [Response Format]


"I am (a year of program and program major) at the University of Lethbridge who has work experience in (industry, role, and organization) and (unpaid, paid, or volunteer) experience. I need some suggestions for a sample skills summary that highlights my current technical and personal skills related to this co-op job posted (copy and past sample co-op job in chat)." 

Checklist and Considerations for Using ChatGPT 

Artificial Intelligence has gained a lot of momentum and people are now using it for career development and management steps such as writing a resume. While this can be an incredibly handy tool, it is important to check that you are using these platforms ethically and critically when it comes to career development, using the following abbreviation and checklist to determine:


  • Have you cross-researched other sources of information? 
  • Is it consistent with other sources and guidance?
  • Use those referencing skills learned in your education and academic writing to assess.


  • Is this an accurate reflection of who you are as a person and your goals?
  • If you use the content, does it sound like you are in person and on paper (consistent)?  


  • Is the information provided relevant to the prompts you are asking it? 
  • Are your prompts and information presented generic or refined? 


  • Is this a truthful representation of yourself if use the information in your career development goals? 
  • Will an employer or outsider notice a gap in skill (such as writing) in what is presented in writing versus in person? 


  • Have you fully reviewed the content you have used? 
  • Is curated to the career goal I am interested in?
  • Does it align with who I am as a person, academic or professional?
  • Have you actively assessed your information and thought deeply about how to integrate it with your content or goals? 


  • Review your documents and do not expect the platform to do all the work for you.
  • While the platform works with a lot of information and current patterns, it is not a subject matter expert and is only as effective as the prompts you use. 
  • If you use the platform to generate content such as a resume and apply to jobs without an in-depth review, the employer will hold you accountable for that information.  
  • Utilize available Career Coaches or WIL Instructors; they can assist with using it critically, ethically, and efficiently for career development.