Career Cycle

The Career Development Cycle contains 4 steps: Self Discovery, Exploration, Goal Setting, and Implementation.

You can go through the Career Development Cycle multiple times in your life and can transition into multiple roles and industries through the course of your professional experience. 

Career Foundations

Career Transitioning 

It is important to note that when it comes to careers, it also encompasses life roles individuals have held and not just paid experiences.  Consider roles such as: 

  • Student 
  • Leisure 
  • Citizen 
  • Worker 
  • Spouse 
  • Caretaker 
  • Domestic Engineer 

These roles vary in importance over the course of a person’s life but understanding they are often a direct reflection of a person’s skills, abilities, interests, and passions to equate a person’s “career”. The following articles below can help individuals analyze their roles and how it connects to career development: 

An Introduction to "Life Roles"

Life-Career Rainbow - Career Assessment