Develop Career Competency

Making Informed Career Decisions 

Since a Career encompasses more than just our paid work experience, it is important to consider other elements when deciding to pursue a particular path or opportunity. Here are some areas to think about: 

  • Advancement and Professional Development 
  • Skills being built – personal and professional  
  • Schedule and flexibility 
  • Organizational values and personal motto 
  • Wages or Salary and Benefits 
  • Security of position 
  • Relationships and building a network
  • Commute 
  • Prestige 
  • Workload 
  • Work setting and format 
  • Organization size 
  • Supervision 
  • Reputation 
  • Value alignment of individual and employer 
  • Service type 

Developing Career Development and Management Habits

  • Assessing oneself and continually identifying values, skills, and attributes in addition to short-term and long-term career goals. Link to self-assessment tools 
  • Working collaboratively with community support and identifying other domains of life that need to be evaluated such as mental, physical, and social. 
  • Continually track and update professional, academic, and personal life experiences on a master inventory – that way you have the details you need for curated application documents. 
  • Build your network regardless of where you are in your career, and make connections with people of shared interests online or in person. 
  • Be mindful of your online presence and update any professional online profiles as your education and career progress.
  • Continually look at ways to upskill or diversify your skill set through areas like events and short-term training