Personal and Professional Development

Upskilling is an important habit to maintain wherever you are in your career plan. This means making some time for personal and professional development. While it enables you to grow your skill set and be more competitive in the labour market, it is another fantastic way to explore other interests. There are many low-cost or free resources below to help provide upskilling for individuals. 





Online courses through the collaboration of Google, Stanford, and IBM are either low-cost or free. Online certificate options to use for resumes. 


Over 210,00 courses online on topics ranging from It and software to Leadership skills. Courses can be free or low-cost with certification options. 


Courses, programs, and degree offerings through institutions like Berkley and Cambridge. Cost may vary but some free resources are available. 

Lethbridge and Calgary Public Libraries – 

Gale Courses | Calgary Public Library

Online Courses from Chinook Arch Regional Library


Offered through public libraries of resident’s locations, can be accessed with a library card or ecard login indicated below:

Get An eCard | Lethbridge Public Library

Join | Calgary Public Library

YouTube Learning

Accessing learn tab on youtube videos under various topics of interest 

LinkedIn Learning

Paid access to courses on Linked Learning and include on online profile or resume 


Online or in-person events, conferences, workshops, and information sessions can connect to career development or personal development. 

Lethbridge and Calgary Community Events – 

Lethbridge, Alberta Events Calendar: Lethbridge Events

Calendar Events | Tourism Calgary (

Event calendar for communities that may highlight community events for networking, information gathering, and finding people with shared interests.