Disciplinary Credit

What is a Disciplinary Credit course?

A Disciplinary Credit Applied Studies Course offers you the opportunity to earn academic credit by combining an academically relevant work placement (paid or volunteer) with a complementary academic deliverable (paper, presentation, project, etc.). As you build this course you will explore, apply and/or test the academic theories and principles that relate specifically to your work placement.

Course Options

Disciplinary Credit Applied Studies are available in all disciplines at the 2000, 3000, or 4000-level (exceptions include business and education). You and your Academic Supervisor will determine the level of your course based on your abilities and the proposed academic deliverables. For example:

  • Arts & Science - all disciplines 2000-4000 (ex. BIOL 2980)
  • Dhillon School of Business - all disciplines only available at the 3000 or 4000 level (exMGT 3980-4980)
  • Education - are only available at the 4000 level (ex. EDUC 4980)
  • Fine Arts -  all disciplines 2000-4000 (ex. Art 3980)
  • Health Science all disciplines 2000-4000 (ex. HLSC 4980)

You may take up to 5 Disciplinary Courses during your degree(s). 

International students

  • Currently, international students are not eligible to participate in Applied Studies courses. International Students are encouraged to connect with the Career Bridge Centre to discuss the full range of opportunities available. 


  • Minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Second-year standing (a minimum 30.0 successful credit hours)


Build Your Course

    Meeting with an Applied Studies Instructor

    An Applied Study Instructor is the primary instructor for all APST course options. We are excited to explore your ideas and design the best course for you. 

    Your Applied Studies Instructor is responsible for providing support to the partners in your course, will engage with you in setting learning objectives and in your reflective practice, and will evaluate your monthly reports, track your hours, participate in the monitor-visit with your employer, and assess course outcomes.

    Securing an academically relevant work placement

    Your work placement (paid or volunteer) must be relevant to your field of study and provide you with a minimum of 120 hours of work (10 hrs/week for 12 weeks). We expect our employer partners to engage you with work that supports connectivity to your academic training, professional development, and skill-building.

    We will ask your employer to participate in one monitor visit (in person or virtually) and to complete a Student Performance Evaluation form at the end of the semester.

    Explore Applied Studies work placement opportunities on the Careers job board.

    Securing an Academic Supervisor

    It is your responsibility to secure a University of Lethbridge faculty member to serve as your Academic Supervisor. It is essential to seek out a subject matter expert: someone whose research agenda is related to the general thesis you will explore as part of your academic plan. Work with your Applied Studies Instructor to plan a proposal well in advance of the course registration deadline. Good planning and organization are key to a successful request! 

    You will work with your Academic Supervisor to plan and scope your academic deliverables. These decisions will be reflected in the level of your course (2000, 3000, or 4000).

    Consider joining a Disciplinary Cohort!

    Work and learn as part of a team! Apply to join a pre-designed Disciplinary Credit course.

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    You will receive a letter grade for this course. Here's how:

    • 70% Academic deliverable(s) - as per your approved Academic Plan
    • 20% Student Performance Evaluation – completed by your Work Placement Supervisor at the end of the semester and reviewed by your Applied Studies Instructor
    • 10% Monthly Reflective reports- assigned and graded by your Applied Studies Instructor


    An Applied Studies course fee is the same as any other 3-credit course on campus.  Find out more about University of Lethbridge tuition by viewing the Fee Schedule.

    Before you start

    Consult with an Applied Studies Instructor (and check your program planning guide).


    Connect with Applied Studies Instructor 

    Learn more and discuss your proposal for an Applied Studies course.  

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    Check your Program Planning Guide

    Review your Program Planning Guide to check availability for an Applied Studies course in your program plan.

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