Work Experience

Plan your course

Build a custom Applied Study course based on employment (volunteer or paid), that relates to your field of study and an Applied Studies Instructor approves. 

To build a Work Experience course (3 credit course) you must secure a work (paid or volunteer) experience over a semester (12 weeks) working a minimum of 120 hours. In addition to completing placement hours, you submit monthly reports, learning objectives, participate in a monitor visit, and complete a final project. 

All Work Experience courses are classified as an elective course for you program planning. 

You may take a max of 2 in each area during your degree(s). 

Applied Studies 2000/2001

Create a Pass/Fail course exploring a program associated work experience (paid/volunteer) and relate it to your professional development

Applied Studies 2010/2011

Create a graded course exploring a program associated work experience (paid/volunteer) with a related final project


An Applied Studies course costs the same as any other 3-credit course on campus.  Find out more about University of Lethbridge tuition.


Academic Requirements

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Second-year standing (a minimum 30.0 successful credit hours)
  • Currently International students are unable to apply for Applied Studies

Placements may be arranged on your own, or through the MyExperience under the Applied Studies Job Board.


Course Components 

  • Develop Learning Objectives and course syllabus
  • Submit monthly reports to your Applied Studies Instructor
  • Participate in Monitor Visit (virtual or on-site)
  • Employer submits a Student Performance Evaluation


Learning Plan

This document details learning objectives, a comprehensive paper/project proposal and list of potential resources. This must be signed by the your faculty supervisor


Grading and Evaluation

Applied Studies 2000/2001 is graded as either a pass or fail. You must receive a passing mark by your employer, complete the minimum amount of placement hours, and submit all the required reports/projects, and monitor visit in order to pass. If course requirements are not fulfilled, a grade of “F” will appear on the your transcript.  

Applied Studies 2010/2011 is a graded course and is weighted with 20% from your employer evaluation and 80% with your reports/projects and monitor visit.  

Before you start

Start building your own course by consulting with an Applied Studies Instructor and checking your program planning guide.

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Learn more and discuss your proposal for an Applied Studies course.  

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Check your Program Planning Guide

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