Work Experience

Develop Your Course

Design a course exploring a program-related work experience (paid/volunteer) and your professional development.

To build a Work Experience course you must secure a work placement (paid or volunteer) working a minimum of 120 hours over a 12-week semester. In addition to completing placement hours, you will set learning objectives, submit monthly reports, participate in a monitor visit, and complete a final deliverable.  

All Work Experience courses are classified as elective courses for your program planning. 

You may take a maximum of 2 as part of your degree(s). 

Applied Studies 2000/2001

Create a Pass/Fail course exploring a program associated work experience (paid/volunteer) and relate it to your professional development.

Applied Studies 2010/2011

Create a graded course exploring a program associated work experience (paid/volunteer) with a related academic deliverable.

An Applied Studies course fee is the same as any other 3-credit course on campus.  

University of Lethbridge Fee Schedule

To have a successful application you need the following:

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Second-year standing (a minimum 30.0 successful credit hours)

International Students need to talk with the Applied Studies Office about this opportunity.

Grading and Evaluation

Applied Studies 2000/2001 is graded as either a pass or fail. Applied Studies 2010/2011 is a letter-graded course.  In either option you must complete the minimum required placement hours, submit all required reports and deliverables, participate in a monitor visit, and receive a successful employer evaluation. 

Core Course Components 

  • Academic Deliverable(s) | 60% : Develop your Academic Plan with your Applied Studies Instructor 
  • Student Performance Evaluation and Monitor Visit | 20% : Completed by your Work Placement Supervisor at the end of the semester and reviewed by your Applied Studies Instructor
  • Monthly Reflective Reports | 20% : Assigned and graded by your Applied Studies Instructor

Before you start

Start building your own course by consulting with an Applied Studies Instructor and checking your program planning guide.

Check your Program Planning Guide

Review your Program Planning Guide to check availability for Applied Studies course in your program.

Find Work Placement Opportunities

Your work placement (paid or volunteer) must be relevant to your field of study and a minimum of 120 hours of work in a semester.  You can self-initiate work placements (that will need Applied Studies Office approval), or visit  MyExperience or the Applied Studies Job Board to search for approved Applied Studies opportunities.

Connect with Applied Studies Instructor 

An Applied Study Instructor is the primary instructor for all APST course options. We are excited to explore your ideas and design the best course for you. 

Your Applied Studies Instructor is responsible for supporting the partners in your course, will engage with you in setting learning objectives and in your reflective practice, and will evaluate your monthly reports, track your hours, participate in the monitor visit with your employer, and assess course outcomes.  The Instructor will also help develop your Academic Deliverables for the course.

Log into MyExperience and select 'Book Appointment'.

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