Career Transitioning

Are you working in industry and now need a change?

Your degree from the University of Lethbridge remains a valuable asset for career change and transitioning across industries and roles. Here are some helpful tips to navigate a career change or transition:

  1. Maintain an ongoing master inventory of your professional, academic, and personal experiences, regularly updating it. This will assist you in crafting tailored resumes for different roles you apply to, instead of starting from scratch each time.

  2. Identify your transferrable skills derived from your education and experiences. Remember that employers often value transferrable skills (or work-ready skills) even more than technical skills. Some transferrable skills to consider are outlined in this link.

  3. Conduct informational interviews with individuals in roles or industries of interest to gain insights into current trends and developments.

  4. Embrace the understanding that your career can evolve and change multiple times throughout your life. It is normal and acceptable to work in various roles and industries. It is crucial to understand your workplace values, the skills you want to utilize, and other factors that contribute to successful career changes.

Remember, your University of Lethbridge degree can be a powerful asset in navigating career transitions and pursuing new opportunities. Utilize labor market information websites like ALIS to explore new occupational profiles.