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What is the University of Lethbridge Career Core?

In-depth career programming to assist students in becoming Career Competent. It encompasses all areas of self-discovery, exploration, planning and implementation; guiding life-long career discovery and reflection.

career development cycle

5 Pillars of the University of Lethbridge CAREER CORE

Career is Life

As described in the text Roadmap, Career is Life is “living with intention - not just balancing work and life, but integrating them in a way that is true, unique, and sustainable.”  Developing a career that integrates your skills, values, interests, and passion.

Professional Development Practice - Building upon competencies, attitudes and habits that benefit you in the workplace.

Critical Thinking, Self Reflection and Action - Apply your skills, engage in various career core programming, and reflect on personal and professional development via the MyExperience Transcript.

Transformative Learning through WIL - Applying theory learned in the classroom and connecting it to hands-on work experience. Connecting this transformative learning to career development through reflective practice.

Employment Outcomes and Planning - Reflect on outcomes, experiences, and personal and professional development. Use this information to guide future employment goals.

The Career Development Cycle

Self Discovery - Learning about yourself and identifying your unique skills, interests, personality, learning style, abilities and values. A deep dive into what makes you “you”. 

Exploration - Researching career and occupational information and determining what skill set and education/training is required, using the 3 “P’s”: Published Materials, People, and Practice.

Goal Setting - Plan your course of action, based on what you discovered about yourself and potential career pathways. Set realistic and attainable goals using the SMART method

Implementation/ Evaluation - Put your plans into action. This can include active networking, job application skill development, or engaging in a new experience (ie: volunteering, co-operative education). Then evaluate! What have these experiences taught you about yourself, your values, and your interests?