Decode the Job

Matching your skills to the employer’s needs

  • How do your past experiences and skills connect to what the employer needs?
  • You may encounter employers looking for skills you feel you do not have.  
  • Try to think critically about what you have done in your past roles and be creative.  
  • Connections often exist, even though we don’t see them at first.  


They Want

(List key skills and experiences the employer stated)

I Have

(Skills, experiences, training or other qualifications)

Example: Organization skills

Organized scheduling and logistics for groups of 10 youths ages 7-10 in weekly outdoor activities including coordinating transportation and collecting payment and waiver forms

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Job Postings Red Flags 

It is important to be mindful of fraudulent opportunities. Below are some key pieces to assess validity of posting when you are job searching: 

  • Asking for personal information before a in person or virtual interview is scheduled or before any official paper has been sent to you for review 
  • Take note if the person is using a personal email or company email for contacting you 
  • Being offered the position without knowing anything about you and your qualifications and experience 
  • Is the posting making lofty or vague promises? Does there seem to be little or vague details about company and the role? 
  • When you research position and company, is there an official website and contact information 
  • Trust your intuition, if an interaction or correspondence seems suspicious or makes you uncomfortable then do not proceed