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Our mission is to facilitate the personal and professional development of University of Lethbridge students and alumni by discovering their potential, developing their confidence, promoting self-responsibility, and inspiring them to pursue their career passions.

Our Career Coaches provide a range of services that create a knowledge and resource bridge between the academic world and the work world, to help you navigate the transition between school, job search, and employment as successful employees.

Please note: We do not offer formalized career testing or write resumes on behalf of students or alumni. Students requesting email reviews of their documents must provide ample time for feedback from an advisor.

Our trained professionals offer the following free career services to all students and alumni:

Career Planning

Learn About Careers

Know yourself and explore options in your field

Making Connections

Build relationships to enhance opportunities

Career Fair

Learn about new possibilities and ways to apply your degree

Getting the Job

Resume Writing

Cover Letters

Interview Prep

Job Board

All students and alumni have access to our Job Board. It includes part-time, full-time, summer, new graduate, international, volunteer, and applied studies opportunities.

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