How to convert your CV into a resume?

Finding work that specifically requires a curated 2 page resume rather than a CV, follow the tips below to structure a resume from a CV: 
  1. Carefully review the job posting to identify the mentioned skills, experiences, and keywords. Determine which of your own experiences and skills best align with these requirements.

  2. For guidance on resume writing and crafting a curated document, please refer to the following link.

  3. Be highly selective when including information and sections in your document. Prioritize the details that align best with the job posting.

  4. The organization and sections of your document may vary. In a CV, it is typical to start with the education section, while for a resume, this may depend on the alignment of information with the job posting. It could be a skill summary or relevant experience (paid or unpaid).

  5. Ensure concise formatting, using succinct bullet points to present your information effectively.

  6. Thoroughly proofread your document to ensure correct spelling and grammar.

  7. Be mindful of redundancy and strive to provide new insights about yourself as a potential candidate in each section, allowing the employer to continuously learn something new.