Experience matters


The value of your post-secondary journey cannot be fully captured through a list of academic courses and grades. You need to prove you can apply your knowledge and critical-thinking skills to adapt to an ever-evolving job market. uLethbridge has developed myexperience.ulethbridge.ca, a comprehensive database of activities to track your participation and highlight the 21st-Century skills you gained throughout your degree. When you graduate, you will have a uLethbridge-verified record of experiences, the MyExperience Transcript, to share with future employers, graduate studies decision-makers, etc.

myexperience.ulethbridge.ca is the tool: a comprehensive database of experiences you can use to track participation and highlight the skills gained during your degree. It also includes a self-reflection tool to help you articulate the value of these experiences to future employers.


MyExperience Transcript (MET)

An official record of a student's curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experiential learning, verified by the University of Lethbridge. It will be used to complement your academic transcript.

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