Graduate School Application Toolkit

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For those considering going into higher education or graduate schools, please read over the application requirements from the institution you are applying to carefully. An application will typically include a letter of intent, a CV highlighting your academic and professional experience for the program and depending on the program you select, may require an interview process such as MMI.

The following resources are to help support your application process. 


Is Graduate School for you? 

Are you considering Graduate School or further education? Consider the factors and checklist below to make a more informed decision and an individual appointment with career coaching: 

  • GPA and course requirements – do you meet these requirements? Do you need to upgrade any courses? Consider speaking to admissions about further information about specific program and other inquiries you may have. 
  • Cost: Do you they having funding and scholarships available? Does it work within your budget and plan? 
  • Length and course sequencing: Does the time frame seem realistic to you? Are you planning to work or fulfill work or other obligations while attending? Are deciding to be a part time or full-time student? 
  • Reputation of the institution and employment outcomes for program 
  • Location and format – Are the courses online, in person or hybrid? Do you need to move? How affordable is the city and can you see yourself as an academic/person in the city? 
  • Student Services and Resources: Do they have wrap around supports for students such as counselling, career services, health center, financial services, academic support, etc.  
  • Campus Amenities: gym and health center, library, student union 
  • Campus and City Life: Clubs and memberships, community events and involvement, transportation, shopping, museums, etc. 
  • Professional and Personal Development: Work Integrated Learning options, other training, mentorships, cohort development, etc. 

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