Planning a meaningful and rewarding career is a continuous process.

These steps will help you to gain a better sense of who you are, and what kind of career you want to build for yourself:

  1. Know Yourself: What are your needs, passions, values, interests, skills, traits, and vision for the future?
  2. Explore Options: Research actual job titles, duties, training paths, and qualifications that exist in the work world.


What can I do with my major?

Learn more about professional opportunities with your major.

Explore career profiles

Need help finding a job that fits who you are?  Visit Occupations in Alberta to find out more.

Study Abroad


Everything you need to start your journey abroad.

Enhance your planning

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Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)

Plan for your education and career. ALIS provides:

Roadtrip Nation

Includes career videos and roadmaps to help you plan your career.

Graduate Studies Recruitment & Enrollment

Work-integrated learning opportunities for Graduate Students at the University of Lethbridge

Volunteer Experience

Find experience volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society