Supervising an Applied Studies Course

The Applied Studies program is a unique opportunity that allows students to earn course credit for learning gained through paid or volunteer employment related to their field of study.

The student is required to work a minimum of 120 hours (approx. 10 hours per week) over a 12-week semester. All Disciplinary Credit Applied Studies courses are completed in conjunction with the Applied Studies Instructor, a workplace supervisor, and an Academic Supervisor.

Role as a Workplace Supervisor

  • Discuss the job (paid or volunteer) description with the student. Ask the student to help you understand their Learning Objectives for the course.
  • Indicate your willingness to support an Applied Studies course by approving the Work Placement application form. This application will be sent to you via your email to verify and sign
  • Provide your student with ongoing feedback
  • Meet with the Applied Studies Coordinator and student during a virtual or on-site monitor visit
  • Complete a final performance evaluation at the end of the work placement. This form will be sent to you via your email near the end of the term


Role as an Academic Supervisor

  • Determine the appropriate course level. Consider the scope and depth of the academic deliverable(s) as proposed in the student's Academic Proposal application (2000, 3000, 4000 level). 
  • Approve the student's Academic Proposal application form.  The application approval request will come to you via email.  You will need to provide your Department/Area Chair's information for final approval.  The consulting Applied Studies Instructor is responsible for final course approval registration. 
  • Assist/review the student's Academic Plan. Ensure that academic deliverable(s) meet disciplinary standards and are appropriate for the course level (feel free to consult with the Applied Studies Instructor for assistance/support). 
  • Provide the student with the support required for a successful outcome on the academic deliverable(s).
  • Submit a % and a letter grade to the Applied Studies Instructor at the end of the term.  
  • The Applied Studies Instructor is responsible for submitting the final grade.

Academic Plan  

Application Process

The Applied Studies course application process is paperless! How does it work?

  • The student initiates 2 forms online (after a consultation meeting with an Applied Studies Instructor)
  • An Applied Study Instructor will review, edit, and approve the initial application
  • The pre-approved forms are then forwarded to the student’s employer (Work Placement Form) and Academic Supervisor (Academic Proposal Form) for review, editing, and approval.  The Academic Supervisor must enter the department chair's information
  • The department chair will review, edit, and approve the Academic Proposal form
  • The Applied Study Instructor has final approval and initiates course registration

*The electronic application forms require your prompt attention in order to meet registration deadlines

Get in Touch

If you have any questions concerning the procedures or requirements of the Applied Studies Program, please feel free to contact an Applied Studies Instructor at or 403-329-2000.