Rajwinder Kaur | PhD Theoretical and Computational Science



“Although graduate studies is a pretty tough journey, it is worth the effort as I have seen some brilliantly polished researchers coming out of our lab. Being passionate and sincere in everything you do, can take you far in your career. There is no dearth of support in this university and hard-work is always rewarded."

Favourite Class: Molecular Modeling
Favourite Social Activity: Tutoring
Favourite Study Spot: Science Commons, 9th Floor

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Tutoring CHEM 1000 and CHEM 2000 has been the most satisfying experience for me

  • Having such a supportive and caring supervisor (Dr. Stacey Wetmore) has helped me develop immensely as a researcher

  • My lab-mates are the people that helped me through everything from cultural transition to finding best friends

  • The university provides ample opportunities to meet elite scientists from all around the world through seminars and conferences, which helped me develop my presentation skills at the national and international levels

  • Finally, I can’t thank the counselling services enough for being such a great help during the tough periods of my graduate journey