Kairvee Bhatt | Finance & Computer Science (Co-op)

Kairvee Bhatt


“You are a lifelong learner and that means exploring your potential and constantly developing it. Get involved, explore your passions, and advocate for yourself! A post-secondary education often also translates to a character education. Make the most of your journey and remember you get what you put in. An open attitude may not necessarily mean you’ll succeed, but you’ll feel a lot better going into a venture knowing it aligns with your interests. The University of Lethbridge was built on the foundations of Liberal Education, take advantage of this unique hands-on learning experience. University is a learning curve, but know that you don’t have to go through anything alone. There is tremendous support available, from clubs and other groups, to resources on campus that you can utilize."

Favourite Class: Managing Not-for-Profit Organizations
Favourite Social Activity: Meeting friends at the Zoo!
Favourite Study Spot: Agility Ideation Lab (M2039)

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Premier First Year Rep, ULSU
  • Case Competition Participant
  • Student Mentor, Enrollment Services
  • Enactus University of Lethbridge Co-Founder
  • Commercial Banking RBC, co-op