Graduate Independent Study


The Calendar requirements for every Graduate Independent Study are (roughly speaking):

  • instructor name and contact information;
  • course number, section, and title;
  • department;
  • where, when, and how students may seek assistance from the instructor;
  • list of required reading material, supplies, and other costs;
  • weights for graded work;
  • conversion table for percentages to letter grades;
  • due dates or frequency for graded work;
  • penalties for late work;
  • pointer to the Calendar discipline policy.

In addition, every Graduate Independent Study course outline is required to include:

  • semester;
  • list of recommended and required background for the course (if any);
  • a deadline by which all material must be completed (e.g., the final day of the semester);
  • a description of the topics to be covered or the project to be undertaken in the course;
  • name of the second reader (if applicable).

Ideally, an IS course outline should be a document that the student can take with them to a future school (especially for Master's students who may be going on to a PhD).

It should give that future school at least that much information about what the student studied in the IS course and how the course was administered.

For further information, see SGS Graduate Calendar,