Hall of Fame


3-M National Teaching Fellowship
The 3M National Teaching Fellowship brings several opportunities. In addition to becoming a life member of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and the Council of 3M Teaching Fellows, Wismath will be invited to attend the annual conference in Halifax and a teaching and learning retreat

Board of Governors Teaching Chair
The Board of Governors Chair in Teaching is a two-year position (with two-course relief per year). Candidates apply through the office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). As part of the application, candidates submit a teaching-related proposal for the duration of their term. Teaching Chairs serve on the CAETL Advisory Council, including as Chair of the Council for the second year of their two-year term, and work with the CAETL Council on its projects. One Teaching Chair is awarded per year.
* 2007 - Shelly Wismath

Distinguished Teaching Award
The Distinguished Teaching Award was established in 1987 under the auspices of the President. The award is in recognition of the central importance of teaching to the philosophy and goals of the University of Lethbridge and to provide recognition to those members of the academic staff who excel in teaching.
* 1989 - Shelly Wismath
* 2013 - Hadi Kharaghani

Ingrid Speaker Medal for Distinguished Research, Scholarship or Performance
The Ingrid Speaker Medal recognizes the central importance of research, scholarship and performance to the philosophy and goals of the University and to provide recognition to those members of the academic staff who excel in these areas.
* 2005 - Hadi Kharaghani
* 2010 - Dave Morris

Original Founding Faculty - 50th Anniversary of the University of Lethbridge Highlight

Prairie Baseball Academy
Each year, the Academy selects a recipient for "Professor of the Year."
* 1999 - Hadi Kharaghani
* 2002 - Joy Morris
* 2014 - Sean Legge
* 2015 - Hadi Kharaghani
* 2020 - Sean Fitzpatrick

President's Award for Service Excellence
The President's Award for Service Excellence is awarded annually to an Administrative staff member or team in recognition of their provision of exceptional service to the University of Lethbridge and members of the University community. Award recipients are honored at the annual Long Service Awards and Retirement Recognition Ceremony, as well as the Chancellor's Dinner (Convocation).
* 2013 - Barbara Hodgson - With skill, dedication and care, Barbara Hodgson has given exemplary service to the faculty and students for over thirty years.

University of Lethbridge Students Union Teaching Excellent Award
The ULSU would like to formally recognize and honour teaching excellence at the University of Lethbridge. The ULSU will do so by offering one to three awards at the committee’s discretion recognizing the instructor(s) that have shown outstanding efforts to increase the learning experiences of their students.
* 2016 - Howard Cheng

University of Lethbridge Volunteer Award
University of Lethbridge Senate has approved the establishment of the University of Lethbridge Volunteer Award, which will recognize people who have volunteered to serve the University. Any member of the University community is eligible for the award, including past and present University volunteers and individuals who represent the U of L in the community.
* 2009 - Dennis Connolly - http://www.uleth.ca/governance/dennis-connolly-2009