Josip Smolcic | Mathematics and Computer Science

Josip Smolcic

Passionate. Ambitious to learn. I enjoy learning and challenging myself.

"Reach out to professors and ask questions. Participate in the classroom, especially when there is something that is not clear! Have fun learning."

Favourite Class: Algebra
Favourite Social Activity: Programming competitions!
Favourite Study Spot: Just in uHall :)

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Participating in competitive programming has been an extremely fun and productive way to learn. I would never have known I had a passion for computer science if I had not joined the competitive programming team. Thanks, Howard!!!!
  • Working on research projects during the summer with professors. I had a lot of fun this summer working on research projects with Amir Akbary and Joy Morris. I also learned so many things that I could not learn in a class setting about my subject and also what Mathematics research is like.
  • All of the professors in the department that I've had have been really fun, easy-going and approachable people. They also really care about the success of their students. I've always felt the pressure to be the best I can be and it's motivated me to succeed.