Information for New Graduate Students

Main Office (C526 University Hall)

Systems Administrator:  Trent Takeyasu (

Assistant Systems Administrator for 2023:  Sarah Alibhai  (Co-op student) (
Please contact Sarah for computer and printer help.

  • Download the official departmental thesis style (zipped) before you start writing your thesis.
  • CS Account
  • Our department maintains its own workstations and servers. Included in your welcome package from the Admin Support, you will find a form entitled GRADUATE STUDENT UNIX ACCOUNT. This must be completed and left with the Admin Support. Once it has been processed, you will receive a CS account --> this is different from the Uleth e-mail account from IT.
  • Printing
    Each incoming graduate student receives a printing credit of $50. This is a one-time gift from the department. After you have spent this, contact your supervisor to see if he/she will give you funding for printing. If not, you will be responsible for your own printing costs while you finish your degree.
  • Department web pages
    The department website can be found at The department website coordinator is Cherie Secrist,, admin support, C526.
  • Personal web pages
    Our department web site lists our graduate students and their supervisors.
    You may wish to maintain a personal webpage.
    • Create a webpage, named index.html, using the editor of your choice.
    • Create a directory named public_html in your main directory.
    • Put your webpage in the directory public_html.
    • Make sure the permissions are set properly. Go into your public_html directory and enter the following command:
      chmod 751 .
      chmod 644 index.html
    • E-mail so that the webmaster knows to make a link from the department page to your new webpage.
    • There are locally-maintained graphics available at Some graphics appear twice, once in the current directory and once elsewhere. The directory stores the graphics currently in use on our department pages. These graphics may change without notice. The others will not be altered.


UPDATED:  2022 Jan 11