MyExperience Transcript

A modern workforce requires people with both specific and transferrable skills who can adapt to jobs of the future. Your uLethbridge education is more than what you learn during your program; you need the know how to apply it in a variety of settings. The platform is your partner in preparing for a workforce in flux. Track your high-impact opportunities and share a record of your experiences, the MyExperience Transcript, with future employers and others.

What is (ME platform) is a comprehensive collection of activities you can use to track your participation and highlight the skills you gained during your time at uLethbridge.

It features:

  • A searchable catalogue of opportunities for you to explore, with the ability to customize and save search criteria.
  • Opportunities and experiences that are connected to specific learning outcomes or competencies. Filter the experience catalogue based on competencies and later self-select on the skills you have developed through each experience.
  • A great calendar of events and workshops for professional and personal development.
  • A self-reflection tool to understand the value of the skills you have gained, and to build a vocabulary for sharing your new skills with future employers and others.
  • The MyExperience Transcript. Share a record of your experiences via a customized link to employers, researchers, professional associations, volunteer boards etc.

Some examples of activities included in the catalogue are co-operative education, applied studies, events, the job board, professional development, personal development and more!

The activities may take place on- or off-campus and cover a variety of experiential learning opportunities, emphasizing leadership, research, creativity and innovation, global citizenship, work-integrated learning, community service, and certifications and workshops.