DSB Edge Student Cohort

DSB Edge Student Cohort

The Dhillon School of Business Edge (DSB Edge) student cohort (or small group of students) is a unique opportunity that will give you a head start in your first year with us. DSB Edge is for students who are joining uLethbridge directly from high school. 

  • We are planning as many in-person experiences as possible for all DSB students. DSB Edge is prioritized for in-person learning this fall, so it will be the best and safest experience we can give you.
  • You will take core business courses with your DSB Edge cohort  — you'll learn together and build connections.
  • We will take the guesswork out of registering for your courses for this first year because we'll do it for you!
  • If you choose to live on campus, you will be assigned to the same residence as the rest of your DSB Edge peers so you can live and learn together.
  • You gain exclusive access to a special DSB Edge student orientation, leadership development opportunities, networking events and other student activities.
  • Most importantly, you will be a part of a tight-knit community of business-minded students (that we’re pretty positive will be the start of some amazing life-long friendships).

Space is limited. Apply now!


You need to accept your Offer of Admission and be enrolled in a bachelor of management program to participate in this opportunity.

If you are in a combined degrees program with management (e.g. BMgt/BFA-New Media) contact the Academic Advising office to find out if it works with your program. Contact 403-329-2153 or dhillon.advising@uleth.ca

  1. If you plan to live on campus, apply to Housing at 
  2. Complete the survey to indicate your interest in DSB Edge
  3. Liaise with Housing Services and submit your deposits.

If you want to live on-campus, the deadline to apply is May 18, 2021.

If you will be living off-campus, the deadline to apply is June 30, 2021.

Students need to accept their offer of admission to take advantage of this opportunity.

Confirmation of Admission: $300
Housing application fee: $150 (application fee $50 and advance payment $100)
Offer of Residence: $900 rent deposit
Dining plan: $500 deposit

As part of DSB Edge, you’ll have a built-in community that enhances academic performance and social success. You’ll make friends, find study partners, develop resilience, and fine-tune your interpersonal skills.

If you choose to live on campus, you can be sure it will also ensure a smooth and safe transition to university. Studies show that students who live on campus are more likely to have a successful academic experience. You are steps away from classes, professors’ offices, student services, social and recreational space, study rooms, and academic programming.

The courses you will take in your cohort are all required core business courses for our Bachelor of Management degrees. If you are planning to take a combined degree, you should reach out to an advisor to see how DSB Edge can fit with your program.

As part of DSB Edge, you will be automatically registered in five courses in your first term and four courses in your second term. In your first term (September-December) you will take:

1. Fundamentals of Business (MGT 1500)

2. Marketing (MKTG 2020)

3. Introductory Accounting (ACCT 2100)

4. Introduction to Organizational Behaviour (HRLR 2030)

5. Introduction to Probability and Statistics (STAT 1770)

Courses for your second term (January-April) will be explained at the DSB Edge new student orientation. They will include one elective course that students will get to choose on their own, or with guidance from an academic advisor

We understand that students’ may have different demands on their time and may need some workload flexibility. Like any other student, DSB Edge students can drop a course and will receive a refund if it is done before the add/drop deadline. If you do decide to take a reduced course load, we recommend you contact an academic advisor to help plan the best path for your academic journey.

If you have questions about the programming, please reach out to the Dhillon School of Business Academic Advising office at 403-329-2153 or dhillon.advising@uleth.ca. For questions about residence, contact Housing Services at 403-329-2584, housing@uleth.ca

For more information about the offer of accommodation timeline, please visit ulethbridge.ca/housing.

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