Be a student-for-a-day

Student-for-a-Day (SFAD) is a wonderful opportunity to experience what it means to be a ULethbridge student. We're so glad that you are interested! SFAD runs October-November and February-March. 

We'll pair you with a student volunteer in your program of interest. Then, spend the day with your SFAD buddy, attend classes and labs and even go for lunch (on us, of course). 

Please reach out to anytime if you want to learn more or if you have any questions. 

In the meantime, you can book an enrolment advising appointment or campus tour. Or, you can check out our campuses via our virtual campus tour.

Please complete the form below, and we'll find a match within the next week! 


Volunteer to host a student-for-a-day

If you're a current ULethbridge student who's had a great experience, why not become a student-for-a-day host?  We'll pair you with a future student in your program of interest, you'll take them to your classes and labs, and then we'll treat you both to lunch.

Why host a student-for-a-day?

  • Free lunch | Who doesn't love lunch?!

  • Reference letter | You can add it to your MyExperience Transcript

  • Good vibes | It feels great to help others

Learn more by contacting or if you're ready to be an SFAD host, complete the survey.