Co-operative Education

Discover the career path that’s right for you.
Gain hands-on experience.
Earn a competitive wage.
Develop a professional network.

Co-operative Education (co-op) combines real-world, paid work experience with academic studies, providing you an exciting path to your degree. The program is a partnership between students, the University and employers, offering you an enriching learning environment. When you graduate, you will leave with relevant work experience and a co-op designation to go with your degree

Placements are available with government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, non-profits and other organizations in Alberta and around the world.

Work terms can be 4-, 8-, 12- or 16-months long and begin in September, January or May. A minimum of three, four-month (12 months total) must be completed to receive a BA or BSc Co-op designation. Students can work a maximum of six, four-month terms (24 months). As at other universities, there is no letter grade given for co-op; students receive a pass/fail, and there is no academic credit given. However, there are many benefits to being a co-op student. Here are just a few:

  • Gives you real-world work experience related to what you're studying
  • Allows you to explore different areas of interest
  • Introduces you to employment possibilities
  • Earn a competitive wage
  • Helps you develop your professional skill set
  • Provides proactive job search skills
  • Gives you challenging, relevant, paid work experience
  • Assists you in making realistic and informed career choices
  • Lets you build valuable contacts with employers
  • Assists in the transition from university to the workplace

Who is eligible for co-op?

You can participate in co-op if you a student in:

  • the Dhillon School of Business
  • the the Faculty of Arts & Science
  • the Faculty of Fine Arts
  • the Faculty of Health Sciences

Our co-op programs are popular, so we recommend applying early, even in your first semester! Co-op students require a minimum of 2.5 on the uLethbridge GPA scale and must be in good academic standing.

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Information for post-diploma & international students

Post-diploma and international students may also participate in our co-op program!

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