Housing at ULethbridge

Welcome to your home away from home. Living in residence helps ensure a smooth transition to University. We believe residence life is about more than accommodation: it’s building community, having fun and making the grade.

Living in residence is a great option especially during your first year. Studies show that students who live on campus are more likely to have a successful academic experience. Why? In a word: access.

As a resident, you are steps away from classes; professors’ offices; student services; social, exercise and recreational spaces; study rooms and academic programming.

You have a built-in community that enhances academic performance and social success. You’ll make lifelong friends, find study partners, develop tolerance and fine-tune your interpersonal skills.

Residents belong to the largest student club on campus, the Organization of Residence Students (ORS), which provides support and plans fun activities for residents. Each section in our single student residences has at least one Residence Assistant (RA) — first-year residences have two — who upholds and enforces the policies in the Residence Community Handbook, coordinates fun social events (think Residence Wars), educational opportunities and everyday interactions like section dinners. Our Residence Assistants are trained in emergency response, standard first aid, and mental health first aid. 

New student options

If you are new to university and are entering straight from high school, check out your accommodation options.

Transfer/mature student options

If you are a transfer or mature student, these options are for you.