Teaching Centre Staff

The Teaching Centre has staff members on site that can provide Moodle support, one to one consultation for course ideas, support and training for implementation of new technologies, as well as consultation for assessment strategies.

Learn more about our staff by reading their profiles.

David Hinger - Academic Director

Jill Payant - Administrative Coordinator


John Kometz - Educational Consultant (LMS Lead)

Alyssa Di Rocco - Educational Consultant (LMS)


Jeff Meadows - Teaching Development Facilitator

Erin Reid - Teaching Development Facilitator

Joerdis Weilandt - Teaching Development Facilitator

Kristi Thomas - Online Teaching Development Coordinator


Bernie Wirzba - Project Manager - Learning Environment Evaluation Project (LEE)


Brad Reamsbottom - Digital Media Specialist 

Todd Doucette - Digital Media Specialist (Video)

Glenda Martens - Digital Media Specialist (Design)


David Lowe - Programmer Analyst III