John Kometz

John Kometz
Educational Consultant (LMS Lead)

I started work with the CRDC in the summer of 1999, with my primary responsibility being to convert early online classes to WebCT 1.2. I have since worked with LMS’s up through version 6 of WebCT, then versions 6 - 8 of Blackboard CE, and most recently the 2.x versions of Moodle. I have been the lead on the test center project since day one, and have been involved with numerous other LMS related projects throughout my time at the CRDC, and now the Teaching Center.

I bring a wide range of computer programming, courseware development skills and experience to the Teaching Center. I plan to continue to help develop and advance the university’s use of Learning Management systems, whichever system we are currently using.

Phone: 403.382.7146
Office: L1129
Skype: komeja
Aim/iChat: komeja