Innovation Zone

Welcome to the Innovation Zone 

Hours of Operation

The Innovation Zone is available upon request from May 2 to September 4th.

Please scan the QR Code to fill out our access request form.

qr code to access the zone



The Innovation Zone is located in the Science Academic building on the Lethbridge Campus in room 

Request form to access the Zone



Accessing the Zone


Innovation Zone Orientation and Equipment Safety Training 


a. Visit the Innovation Zone Moodle Course and complete the safety training for access to the Zone. Please show your certificate of completion to the Innovation Zone staff for access into the space.

b. In order to use the equipment in the space, you must complete the Moodle virtual safety training located in the Innovation Zone Moodle Course for the desired piece of equipment and an in-person competency check hosted by an Innovation Zone staff


Access the course here


Innovation Zone Waiver (Done in the Zone)

c. The first time you enter the Innovation Zone you will be asked to read and sign the Innovation Zone waiver.

Sign In

d. Please complete the sign-in process every time you enter the Zone. 




3D Printers (Available Now)

Virtual Reality - Oculus Quest, Vive Pro (Available Now)

Button Maker (Available Now)

Hot Glue Gun (Available Now)

Multimeter (Available Now)

Shop Vacuum (Available Now)

Utility Knife (Available Now)

LEGO (Available Now)

Vinyl Cutter (Coming Soon)

Heat Press (Coming Soon)

Laser Cutter (Coming Soon)

Sewing Machine (Coming Soon)

Robotics (Coming Soon)

Soldering Station (Coming Soon)

Soldering Re-work Station (Coming Soon)


Kevin Roelofs

Find them in the Zone: M/T/R 9-12, 1-3

About Kevin

  • As a maker and part-time unofficial comedian, I like to be outside doing adaptive outdoor sports and am an advocate for getting persons with disabilities engaged in adaptive outdoor activities. What I’m looking forward to most is meeting you in the Zone, having random conversations, and building mobility scooters with adventure in mind. 
  • Specializations
    • 3D Modeling + Printing
    • AutoCad Fusion
    • Everything Innovation Zone #I’llgetyoustarted #lovebrunch

Rob Horlacher

About Rob

  • An Instructional Design Specialist for the University of Lethbridge Library and serves as the main point of contact for Project Sandbox. Through Project Sandbox, Rob offers a variety of workshops covering topics such as video editing, designing posters, creating websites, and making 3D models. Rob is excited to collaborate with Agility to provide enhanced technology-based learning opportunities and access for the University of Lethbridge community.
  • Specializations
    • Digital Media
    • 3D Printing
    • Laser and Vinyl Cutting/Engraving

Bryson Duda

About Bryson

  • I graduated from the U of L with a Computer Science Degree in 2008 and have been working in the University Library since 2011. I enjoy writing, hiking, snowshoeing, and spending time with my wife and two kids. I love video games – I’m an amateur game developer in my spare time.
  • Specializations 
    • Programming
    • Web Development
    • Digital Marketing