Moodle is the Learning Management System supported here at the UofL.

Moodle can help with: Assessment, Communication, Content Delivery

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Crowdmark is an online tool that allows students to submit pictures of handwritten/hand-drawn work. It also has some great tools to increase marking work flow.

Crowdmark can help with: Assessment

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Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

Turnitin can help with: Assessment

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YuJa is a service that will allow Faculty/Staff and Student to record video, edit it and stream it easily.

YuJa can help with: Content DeliveryAssessment

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Light Board

Our light board is a 4’x8’ glass whiteboard with lights along the edges.

The Light Board can help with: Content Delivery

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Microsoft Office

The 365 Office Suite has a variety of tools that can help you with content creation, content delivery, communication and more. Tools include Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and many more. 

Moodle can help with: Communication, Content Delivery

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The University has secured licenses of Zoom to help with both synchronous delivery of classes as well as recording lectures for asynchronous delivery. Faculty can access their Zoom space by going to and clicking on the Sign In button (login with your U of L credentials)

Zoom can help with: Communication, Content Delivery

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This is a web-based classroom response system.

Moodle can help with: Assessment

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Discord is an application much like Teams or Zoom; a way for people to come together in groups. It has a chat function, as well as voice and video call capabilities. While originally it was a good gathering place for those who were playing online multiplayer video games, it has exploded to draw all sorts of people and interests on the platform. You can use the application through an internet browser or have the application downloaded to your PC &/or mobile phone.

It is available on Apple, Microsoft, and Linux devices, both desktop and mobile.

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A Jupyter notebook is a document that combines rich text with interactive coding in a variety of programming languages. The University of Lethbridge has access to a Jupyter hub called Syzygy ( that can be accessed online using your U of L login credentials. Notebooks running Python or R can be accessed from a web browser, with no need to install any software. Everyone has access to their own space to work.

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