Enhance, Upgrade, and Modernize

We are updating the theme in Moodle, the University's Learning Management System, for all Fall 2022 courses.


What will users get with the new theme?

  • Upgraded code that stabilizes some of the key features in Moodle
  • A modernized look that is more in line with modern websites 
  • An improved user experience
  • A theme that works more consistent experience across multiple devices
  • Enhanced features such as Messaging

We are confident you will enjoy the experience of the new theme; the enhanced features that the new theme will allow for; as well as the stability that will come from a theme that is upgraded to work with the core Moodle code.


How was a new Moodle theme selected?

The new Moodle theme was selected through consultation with faculty and students starting in 2019.  Several faculty have already been using the new theme for their courses since 2020 and providing ongoing feedback to our Moodle team.


Do you want to try the new theme before we apply it.

Please see our instructions on how to change your theme.

Or alternatively you can contact the Teaching Centre for guidance on how to implement the new theme: or by calling 403-380-1586.


Provide some feedback on the new theme.

Let us know what you think of the look and the functionality of the new theme.