New Interface Mandatory

In January 2023 we announced the release of our new and improved assessment set-up process. The switch to the new process was optional for 6 months to give our users time to adjust.

As of July 5, 2023 this upgrade will be mandatory for all users.

What you need to know about this upcoming change:

  • On July 5th, all users will automatically be switched over to the new assessment set-up workflow
  • The legacy workflow will no longer be supported
  • There are no changes to the way students access or interact with Crowdmark

This redesigned interface offers: 

  • Step-by-step navigation to guide users from start to finish
  • Increased flexibility in the assessment creation process
  • New dedicated course and assessment settings pages
  • Vastly improved scheduling and timing settings
  • Improved management of student and team rosters

Overall the New Interface provides a solid foundation to elegantly add new features and improvements in the future.


Getting started on the New Interface

We encourage you to explore the new interface before the automatic switch. We have a new Summer Training Schedule to support our users with this change:

·         Register for bi-weekly New Interface Training

·         Register for weekly Tool Tip sessions 

For more information on getting started with the new assessment set-up interface, grading, managing teams, or using any of our features, check out our help guides.

The Crowdmark Team




Using Crowdmark

Crowdmark is an online tool that allows students to submit pictures of handwritten/hand-drawn work. Below are links that contain articles and videos that can help you understand the process of setting up a Crowdmark Assessment. 

This tutorial will walk you through the steps you need to take to sync the Crowdmark and Moodle Rosters.

 There are two types of assessments available in Crowdmark. Administered and Assigned. You will want to choose an Assigned assessment.

NOTE: Administered assignments are a bit more complex to use. Be prepared when attempting to use administered assignments. Do not use automated matching with administered assessments to avoid things not functioning.

How does Crowdmark work with Moodle to sync grade, roster etc.

Learn more about creating assessements in Crowdmark at the link below.


To assist with remote assessment for Fall 2020, the University of Lethbridge acquired a license for the Crowdmark online grading platform. If you're in a course that requires handwritten work (e.g. math or chemistry) your instructor may have chosen to have you use Crowdmark for assignments and tests.

Read more

Your course may have TA's or markers that help facilitate your assessments. Crowdmark allows you to add a team of members into Crowdmark to help you with marking. The following instructions will provide you with the best ways of adding team members such as TA's to your Crowdmark assessments.