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If you created your assessments in Crowdmark before the start of the semester, you will need to resync the roster in Crowdmark once the course starts to ensure you are including all students enrolled in your course

Using Crowdmark

Crowdmark is an online tool that allows students to submit pictures of handwritten/hand-drawn work. Below are links that contain articles and videos that can help you understand the process of setting up a Crowdmark Assessment. 

Administered or Assigned Assignments

 There are two types of assessments available in Crowdmark. Administered and Assigned. You will want to choose an Assigned assessment. The link below describes the difference between the two.

Assigned Assignments are those that you would give in an online format.

Administered Assignments are those that are given in person. To learn more about administered assignmenets, please see the link below.

A note that Administered assignments are a bit more complex to use. Be prepared when attempting to use administered assignments.

Moodle and Crowdmark

How does Crowdmark work with Moodle to sync grade, roster etc.

Moodle Answers Tutorials about Crowdmark

Creating an Assessment

Sometimes students get added to your course after you create your Crowdmark assessment. The following video will help you update your student roster in Crowdmark by syncing it with the roster in Moodle.

Once you have imported your roster into the Crowdmark assessment you created, you will need to add some questions. 

Before students can answer the questions in your assessment you need to distribute your assignment to your students. When you distribute your assessment, students are notified via email by Crowdmark that an assessment is available via Moodle. If students try to access your assessment before it is distributed it will tell them it needs to be distributed before they gain access. 

Grading Tools for Crowdmark

Assessments can be graded once the assessment due date has passed. The links below will help you navigate the grading process, and getting grades pushed back to Moodle.

NOTE: When exporting your grades to Moodle, be sure to also click send grades to students. This will ensure that all annotations and comments are also released to students.


Example of setting up and grading a Crowdmark assessment in Moodle.

Thank you to Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick for creating the videos below and explaining how Crowdmark can be used.

Crowdmark: advice to give your students

To assist with remote assessment for Fall 2020, the University of Lethbridge acquired a license for the Crowdmark online grading platform. If you're in a course that requires handwritten work (e.g. math or chemistry) your instructor may have chosen to have you use Crowdmark for assignments and tests.

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