The University of Lethbridge Excellence in Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching Award


The University of Lethbridge Excellence in Teaching Award, formerly known as the Distinguished Teaching Award, was established in 1987 at the University of Lethbridge under the auspices of the President. The award is in recognition of the central importance of teaching to the philosophy and goals of the University of Lethbridge and to provide recognition to those members of the academic staff who excel in teaching.



The 2022 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick

Please contact the administrator of this award at to have the appropriate file OneDrive folders set up for submission. Both nominees and nominators will have to contact the administrator. See the deadlines for nominators and nominees below.

Please forward nominations by December 1st to

The Excellence in Teaching Award Selection Committee
The University of Lethbridge
Teaching Centre  

Nominees whose names are standing for a second year are encouraged to revise their dossier to ensure that the Selection Committee has current information on which to make decisions.​Nominations that are incomplete as of the February 1st deadline will be returned to the nominator.

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March 1st  at 4:00 P.M.

Notifications of application completion by the nominees can be sent to: - Attention: Excellence in Teaching Award Committee. 

2021 Excellence in Teaching Award - Dr. Susan Findlay of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

2022 Excellence in Teaching Award -  Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick of the Department of Math and Computer Science