Book the Lightboard

Our Lightboard is a 4’ x 8’ clear glass board, framed with LED lights. The instructor stands behind the glass and uses fluorescent markers to write on it the same way you would on a whiteboard. The camera on the other side of the glass records a mirror image of the instructor writing, so that students can read what has been written. This allows the instructor to look through the glass and engage with their students.

lightboard setup in room

Lightboard ready for use

Best Practices

Shorter is better. Multiple short videos are better than one long video. 8-10 minutes in length is a good guideline.
Write Strategically. Cleaning the lightboard takes time. Your videos should use no more than 1 board. If you need more than 1 board for your content break your content into 2 separate videos. You can have content written on the glass ahead of the start of your video.
Dress in dark colours. The background is black and dark solid colours will make the writing on the board easier to read.
Do not wear clothing that has writing on it. Because the video is flipped with a mirror any writing on your clothing will appear reversed to the viewer and can be distracting.

Lightboard Introduction

Lightboard Introduction

Let’s get you started using the the Lightboard

Let’s get you started using the the Lightboard

Sean Fitzpatrick - Lightboard

Sean Fitzpatrick - Light Board

Please contact us if you would like to learn about how to use the lightboard in your class or to book the lightboard. 

If you are looking for a space to record your lectures with or without a presentation the Lecture Recording Studio might work for you.


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