Michaela Reitsma | Chemistry



“Don’t join a sorority. Join clubs, even if the people seem weird at first."

Favourite Class: Analytical Chemistry
Favourite Social Activity: Climbing
Favourite Study Spot: Urban Market

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Amazing teachers that are there and have time to help; I broke my ankle in the spring and the teachers had flexible hours to help out, and for one lab I was able to finish in the summer because I was on crutches

  • Independent studies are amazing because you get the experience of working in a lab, but you also get the course credits for the work you put in

  • Housing was very accommodating and was able to get me into a room in UHall last minute for the last month of the semester after my ankle surgery

  • The ULeth Swing Dancing group has been a great evening activity and a time to learn something new!

  • My rock climbing level has increased substantially in the last year with such easy access to a wall; the regulars there are amazing people and it’s easy to spend a few hours there a week