Douglas Turnbull | PhD Earth, Space, and Physical Sciences (Inorganic Chemistry)

Douglas Turnbull Shining Student


“Take as many interesting and unique classes outside of your major as possible. Talk to your professors and do independent studies. Fully embrace the liberal education afforded to you!”

Favourite Class: Group Theory
Favourite Social Activity: Let's Do Science Day!
Favourite Study Spot: Just outside the examination room, minutes before the exam

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Graduated with a BSc Chemistry and received the Governor General’s Silver Medal in 2015
  • Completed an Honour’s Thesis studying highly reactive tungsten compounds
  • Have presented research at national and international conferences (and even won awards!)
  • Volunteered as a demonstrator for Let’s Talk Science
  • Have never had coffee better than what is brewed at the Campus Coffee Company