Dylan Nikkel | Chemistry



“Try to take the opportunity to get to know your professors. Many professors will allow students to take independent studies, which are a great way to gain insight into the practical workings of your discipline, participate in real-world research, and build relationships."

Favourite Class: Physical Chemistry
Favourite Social Activity: Board Games Night 
Favourite Study Spot: Either at home or in a room with some classmates at the library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Working closely with Dr. Stacey Wetmore over the course of three independent studies

  • Volunteering at the Big Bang weekend for the grand opening of the Science Commons

  • Attending presentations by leading RNA researchers in the ARRTI Speaker Series

  • Working in the Flanagan and Wetmore research labs over the summers thanks to funding from NSERC USRAs

  • Presenting my research completed in the Wetmore lab at the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Quebec City