Daniel Rocca | Biochemistry (Co-op)

Daniel Rocca Shining Student


“Talk to your professors and to the applied studies office about becoming involved in applied/independent studies. These are great ways to gain practical experience but they are student-initiated, so many students do not take advantage of these opportunities until later in their degrees.”

Favourite Class: Proteins, Enzymes and Nucleic Acids
Favourite Social Activity: Humans vs Zombies 2016
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Incredible opportunities for research experience
  • Plenty of clubs to join
  • Professors often collaborate to increase breadth of information covered in classes
  • Co-op terms are very flexible, allowing me to turn pre-existing jobs into co-op work terms
  • Co-ops and applied studies give relevant skill to succeed in classes