Department Photos

Teaching Labs Old vs New 

In April 2019, after labs were done, the move started from University Hall to the Science Commons Building. The biggest change for the students is the teaching labs. In UHall the labs were old and the fume hoods were original from when the labs were originally constructed. Four students shared each fume hood, which created safety hazards. There was also no storage for student backpacks and coats so they ended up all over the floors of the labs.

In the new Science Commons the labs are new and better equipped - only 2 students share a fume hood!  This enables students to do their lab work faster and more safely. There are lockers nearby in which students can store their backpacks and coats, as none are allowed in the labs.

Old Undergrad Labs

Old fumehood

The old UG labs and fumehoods were the originals from when the labs were built

New UG labs

The new labs are bright, more spacious with lots of fumehoods.