Let's Talk Science

Let's Talk Science at the University of Lethbridge: Reaching out to Schools in Southern Alberta

The science departments at the U of L established a new science outreach program in 2010 in conjunction with the national Let's Talk Science organization.

Let’s Talk Science is an award-winning, national organization that provides fun and educational science learning programs for children and youth across Canada. By creating hands-on, interactive learning situations for students from as young as kindergarten to high school, a greater understanding and respect for the sciences are developed, all while having fun!

The purpose of the Let's Talk Science Outreach program at the University of Lethbridge is to bring new and exciting scientific activities to schools across Southern Alberta, all free of charge. We are able to keep our services free due to our team of volunteers, who are comprised of University of Lethbridge students, as well as our various support agencies. Our young and energetic volunteers provide unique insights into scientific concepts and phenomena for younger generations, while acting as positive role models.

By offering hands-on, engaging activities, the goal of Let's Talk Science Outreach is to turn students on to science. Currently, the Let's Talk Science team at the University of Lethbridge prides itself on primarily working with Grade 8 to 12 students. Our dedication to this age category ensures that high-quality and impactful science experiments that closely follow the Government of Alberta curriculum are being delivered to the students. This way, teachers won't experience time constraints in their already busy schedule, and students have the same curriculum supplemented by new and interactive activities.

Science outreach programs such as Let's Talk Science are also the perfect opportunity to build relationships between secondary and post-secondary institutions and their respective students. Our volunteers not only serve as activity instructors but mentors as well, which is especially important for students entering university or college. We encourage students to ask us questions about university such as "What is a graduate student?" to "What classes should I take in my first year?". As an organization of current students, it is our pleasure to share our experiences to help the youth with their futures.

Chad Povey - Faculty Advisor; Physics Advisor
Wayne Lippa - Chemistry Coordinator; 
TBA - Biological Sciences Advisor;
Dr. Ken Vos – Physics Advisor;

For more information on the University of Lethbridge Let's Talk Science program, visit the webpage.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or if you are a teacher who would like to get involved in this program, please contact the Faculty Advisor, Chad Povey.