Diana Letts

Diana Letts
Teaching Development Facilitator
Phone: 403 329 4451

As Teaching Development Facilitator, my responsibilities are to assist with the planning and development of pedagogical strategies and supporting faculty with the tools needed to enhance teaching and learning.  I also facilitate professional development sessions for new instructors and graduate students committed to developing pedagogical competencies, to provide meaningful academic learning experiences for our students. 

I am particularly interested in the use of technology in the classroom and social media applications to build community, and enhance student engagement in their learning process, while fostering a sense of belonging. I have had the pleasure of teaching at the UofL for many years and I also supervise overseas graduate students in second language teaching practicums.  My educational background includes a Master of Education from the University of Barcelona and a Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Lethbridge.

I look forward to working with you.