Step 4: Submit Supporting Documents

Applicants must submit full documentation for all secondary and post-secondary studies and, if required, proof of English Language Proficiency. Some programs have additional document requirements. Check your application status regularly to determine what documents and additional information are needed to complete your file.

By submitting an application for admission, applicants authorize the University of Lethbridge to request transcripts on their behalf from Alberta Education and/or post-secondary institutions participating in ApplyAlberta.

The University of Lethbridge will consider unofficial documents and documents reporting interim grades or courses in progress to make a conditional admission decision but reserves the right to request official documents and to verify all transcripts and test scores. Any offer of admission made on the basis of unofficial or interim documents will be conditional upon receipt of final official documents. Such documents must confirm the applicant’s eligibility for admission, including current competitive admission standards.

Unofficial and interim documents may be submitted by email to or by mail to:

University of Lethbridge
4401 University Drive West
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
T1K 3M4

Currently attending high school or upgrading in Canada
  • A current high school transcript showing grades in all Grade 11 courses (if attending school outside of Alberta)
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency, if required
  • Any additional documentation required for the program you are applying to

Note: Some programs, such as the Bachelor of Nursing, require the submission of midterm grades for courses in progress. Details are sent to the applicant by email.

Completed high school or currently attending high school outside of Canada
  • Final transcript(s), if attended school outside of Alberta
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency, if required
  • Any additional documentation required for the program you are applying to

Currently attending or completed post-secondary courses
  • Current transcript showing all courses completed to date and current course registration (if attending school outside of Alberta)
  • Final official transcript from any other post-secondary institution you have attended
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency, if required
  • Any additional documentation required for the program you are applying to, including an official high school transcript if your program requires one or more high school courses

To be considered official, documents must be received by the University directly from the issuing institution. Applicants should not submit their own original certificates.

An official transcript is a complete academic record of all individual courses taken, grades achieved, and any credential(s) earned at an educational institution.

Applicants who have attended institutions not participating in ApplyAlberta must arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to:

University of Lethbridge
4401 University Drive West
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
T1K 3M4

Applicants currently studying at institutions not participating in ApplyAlberta or any educational institution out-of-province are strongly advised to arrange at the time of application for the submission of final official transcripts to ensure that they are received by the applicable document deadline.

The University of Lethbridge will accept documents received from World Education Services (WES) as part of an International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) as official.

It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all required documents are received by the University of Lethbridge before the final official document deadline.

MyCreds (Digitary)
For applicants with a Digitary or MyCreds account, the University of Lethbridge accepts your academic documents for admission purposes. By sharing your academic documents through trusted solutions Digitary and MyCreds, it’s an effective way to streamline your application.

Please select and provide your direct share link or preferably select University of Lethbridge from the ‘Recipient’ list in your Digitary or MyCreds account and provide your University of Lethbridge ID and Alberta Student Number (if known) in the designated section(s).

Academic Records Request Form
Academic Records Request forms are available in several languages for applicants to use to request the release of academic records from their previous institution(s):


Admitted students who are asked for Permanent Resident or Canadian citizenship documentation must present their original Permanent Resident card, Landed Immigrant documentation, or Canadian citizenship certificate to Student Enrolment and Registrar Services (SEARS) no later than January 31 for the winter term, May 31 for the summer term, or September 30 for the fall term to be eligible for Canadian fee assessment rates. Calgary campus students may present their documentation to the Calgary Campus office.

Applicants may be requested to provide a copy of their passport or other identity documentation (e.g. marriage certificate) during the application process. In these cases, a photocopy or scanned copy of the document(s) is sufficient and should be submitted directly to the Admissions Office. Email is not a secure method of sending personal information; applicants are encouraged to fax or mail this documentation.

Certified literal English translations are required for all admission documents that are not issued in either English or French. A certified translation should be issued by one of the following:

  • An official translator at the issuing institution
  • A translator accredited by a professional association of translators in Canada
  • A translator who has received accreditation through a federal, provincial, or municipal government in Canada
  • The Canadian consulate, high commission, or embassy in the country where the documents were issued
  • A sworn or public translator in the country where the document was issued

The translator must include a photocopy of the document(s) from which the translation was prepared and an original statement indicating the translation is accurate and authentic. The translator must also include their contact information (including identification number and/or seal, name, address, and telephone number), printed name, and signature in the statement. Translations may be submitted to Admissions by the translator or the applicant.

To ensure timely processing of your application, please note the following:

  • If the name on your document(s) is not identical to the name on your uLethbridge application, we cannot match your documents. If you did not disclose your previous names on your application, please email your uLethbridge ID number and documentation proving your name change (e.g. marriage certificate) to Admissions (
  • Transcripts must be submitted from each institution attended. Results for courses taken at one institution that are reported on transcripts issued by another institution are not acceptable.
  • Do not submit multiple copies of the same document.
  • Please do not submit any documents prior to submitting your uLethbridge application for admission.
  • Submit additional documents such as reference letters and resumes only if requested. Unnecessary documents will not be considered and will delay the processing of your application.

Applications for admission and all supporting documents are collected, managed, and retained in accordance with the Confidentiality of Student Records policy.

All documents received in support of an application become the property of the University and will not be released or copied except to other employees of the University as required by University procedures regarding admission, registration, and awards and financial support administration.

In accordance with the University of Lethbridge Records Management Policy, admission documents are retained for a period of two years if the applicant is not accepted or does not enrol at the University following acceptance.