Step 6: Transfer Credit

At the University of Lethbridge, transfer credit is based on the recognition that, while learning experiences may differ, the substance of courses may be similar in content and rigour.

Transfer credit allows you to use your previous studies toward attaining a credential at the University of Lethbridge. Students who have completed post-secondary courses at other post-secondary institutions may be eligible to receive transfer credit, which serves to reduce the number of courses that must be completed in order to complete a program of studies. Courses eligible for transfer credit must meet minimum grade requirements.

Transfer credit assessments are completed as part of the admission process when students submit their official post-secondary transcripts in support of an application for admission.

Upon admission, transfer credit for previously assessed courses is awarded on a course-by-course basis to students who have completed eligible courses at other post-secondary institutions. Transfer credit may also be granted for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or GCE Advanced Level courses. After transfer credit has been granted, students can view their individual Transfer Credit Statement on the Bridge.

Students can search for courses that have been previously assessed for transfer credit using the University of Lethbridge Transfer Equivalencies Database. If your institution or courses are not listed, they still may be eligible for transfer credit. See Courses Not Previously Assessed below.

For additional information on post-secondary transfer information from Alberta, consult the Alberta Transfer Guide made available by the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer.

Courses completed at another post‐secondary institution but that are not listed in the University of Lethbridge Transfer Equivalency Database have not been previously assessed for transfer credit by the University of Lethbridge. In order to have courses assessed for transfer credit, official course syllabi must be submitted. For details regarding transfer credit, you may view the Transfer Credit section of the Academic Calendar.

Please submit detailed course outlines for each course that is to be evaluated as soon as application for admission is made to the University of Lethbridge, but no later than the end of your first term of attendance as a registered student. Course syllabi should be emailed to Student Enrolment and Registrar Services (SEARS) ( Ensure that the student’s full name and University of Lethbridge ID number are included in the email with the submission of the materials. Do not include this information on the course materials. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the materials are received in a timely manner. The average processing time of transfer credit assessments varies according to the time of year they are received. Processing will normally take four to six weeks.

The following information should be provided on an official course outline or syllabus:

  • Course code and number (if applicable)
  • Title of course
  • Institution
  • Credit value/hours
  • Method of evaluation (components for calculating grade)
  • Course pre-requisites and/or co-requisites
  • Textbook
  • Learning outcomes or description of course content
  • Schedule of topics
  • Lab, practicum, or clinical, if applicable

NOTE: Courses are assessed on the basis of information provided. The absence of any of these pieces of information may affect the transfer credit assessment. It is the student’s responsibility to provide complete information.

If outlines are written in a language other than English, a certified translation must be provided. The following are not accepted:

  • Student translations of outlines
  • Transfer credit assessments from other institutions
  • Hard copy documents
  • Handwritten documents or documents that have been copy/pasted together, or altered in any way
  • Once transfer credit has been granted, students can view their individual Transfer Credit Statement on the Bridge.
  • Upon grant of transfer credit, students should review their program requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar and contact an Academic Advisor within the appropriate Faculty if they have any questions on the applicability of transfer credits to their degree requirements.
  • Transfer credit is granted at the institutional level. Students must review the institutional transfer credit granted and their program requirements to determine which transferable courses can be used to meet their program requirements. Not all credit granted will necessarily satisfy program requirements. Students should consult with the appropriate Academic Advisor if they have questions regarding which granted transfer credit may be used to meet their program requirements after admission and if they later change to a different program.
  • If a student has outstanding transfer credit evaluations at the time of registration for courses at the University of Lethbridge, the student should consult with an Academic Advisor in the appropriate Faculty for assistance with program planning, course selection and registration.
  • Current University of Lethbridge students planning to study at another institution must first obtain Visiting or Exchange student status and obtain prior written permission from the appropriate Faculty to have their courses considered for transfer credit.