Requirements for Admissions

Admission to the University of Lethbridge is based on three main components: general admission requirements, additional admission requirements (which are required by some programs), and English language proficiency. Follow each step below to ensure your eligibility to the University of Lethbridge.

Step 1: Meet General Admission Requirements
  • General Admission refers to the minimum admission requirements that all applicants to an undergraduate program must meet.
  • All applicants are considered for general admission under the admission route most appropriate to their academic qualifications.
Step 2: Meet Additional Admission Requirements (If applicable)
  • Some programs have additional admission requirements that applicants must meet prior to beginning their program.
  • After determining your admission route, please see Step 2: Meet Additional Admission Requirements to ensure you will have all additional requirements met prior to beginning your program.
Step 3: Meet English Language Proficiency
Step 4: Submit Supporting Documents
Step 5: Conditional Admission
Step 6: Transfer Credit