Tenant Insurance

Mandatory Tenant Insurance Requirement

All residents staying in the University of Lethbridge residences including International Students are required to have insurance coverage for the duration of the single student license agreement.

All residents will automatically be enrolled in a tenant insurance program through the University of Lethbridge. Each resident will be charged a tenant insurance fee of $85.00 for the 8-month academic year and will be required to pay this fee along with their residence fees by the payment deadline.

New Spring and Summer students must also pay this fee.

This policy includes coverage subject to terms and conditions for personal belongings, personal liability coverage, and additional living expenses. 

Tenant Insurance Fee 2023/2024 -  $85.00

Insurance coverage for all students living in residence ensures students and the University are protected from accidents or disasters. In recent years, some Canadian institutions’ insurance providers have chosen to hold students financially responsible for damages caused by students living in residence. Without insurance coverage, students could be at great financial risk. A disaster could damage or destroy your belongings, and could also make you liable to your neighbours and your landlord, should their property get damaged. A mandatory insurance policy ensures that students living in residences at the University of Lethbridge will be shielded from this risk and liability.

See the 2023-2024 Tenant Insurance Program Brochure

For any questions or concerns please Contact Housing Services