Restricted Card Access form

You must receive Animal Care Services approval before receiving authorized access to the Rodent or Aquatic Research Facilities.
  • Access to restricted/locked areas is prohibited to individuals that do not have authorized access (granted through individual card access). In accordance with the University of Lethbridge’s ‘Access Device Control Policy’, sharing card access (even temporarily) is not permitted.
  • Animal Care Services reviews each card access request prior to approving authorized access, ensuring that all training & documentation is completed and up to date.
  • Please note when completing the form, the Supervising PI must be the PI listed on the protocol under which the laboratory personnel will be working.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing from the time of request form submission to card activation

Access duration

Access can only be provided to trained lab members completing animal-based research under an approved protocol.  For safety and regulatory reasons, the access can only be granted for the following terms:

Applied Study, Independent Study:

One semester at a time.


One semester at a time.

Co-Op, Internship, Studentship:

One semester at a time (except if contractual agreement is for 2 semesters).

Honours Thesis:

One academic year (2 semesters).

Masters Candidate, PhD Candidate, Post Doctorate Fellow, Research Technician or Associate, Visiting Scientist:

2 years at a time.

You must be authorized by Animal Care Services in order to submit this form. If you believe you should have access please contact

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