Institutional Animal User Training Program (IAUTP)


All personnel who will be working with research animals are required to complete appropriate training. The University of Lethbridge maintains records to document this training.

Until your training is successfully completed, access (including direct supervision access) to the animal facility is PROHIBITED unless prior authorization has been received from the Facility Coordinator.

The Institutional Animal User Training Program is comprised of two parts:

  • Theoretical knowledge in the principles of humane experimental science and ethical issues associated with the use of those animals, including the Three Rs, provided by the Office of Research Ethics
  • Practical knowledge, skills and competency assessment in animal handling, provided by Animal Care Services.

For IAUTP Part 1 (Ethics) training, please email the Ethics Officer


Training providers

Animal Care Services manages general basic training (e.g. handling, restraint, anesthesia, and other standard veterinary procedures) for routinely-used species. When the training is provided by Animal Care Services, it must be taken in the animal facility.

Under certain circumstances, often involving a unique species (e.g., birds or amphibians) or procedures developed by a researcher, the Principal Investigator may be recognized as the expert who will provide the training to others when required. In these cases, an Evidence of Part 2 Training to Meet CCAC Guidelines form should be submitted to the Research Ethics Office.

Note: as per CALAM standards of Veterinary Care, the veterinarian will be required to verify the training in circumstances where the Principal Investigator has not previously been approved as a trainer for a particular procedure.