No.  We have made a decision to transition human ethics applications to the ARISE online platform hosted by the U of A.

No. As noted in Fall 2021, various factors arose that required us to temporarily rely on the UofA REBs as our REB of record.  UofL researchers have been invited to serve on the UofA REB as part of this collaboration and support from UofA.

We view the current environment as a pilot test for what future options we have for supporting safe and ethical research with humans. Feedback will be sought throughout 2022 to learn more about the benefits and challenges of sharing human ethics review and approval functions with the UofA vs. hosting all functions solely at the UofL (while continuing to use the ARISE online platform).  Many options exist for a hybrid UL-UA REB and we want to consider and discuss all options before making a decision.

Decisions will not be made without an extensive pilot period, consultation and feedback options, and consideration of both researcher workload and TCPS2 requirements.