Damage Repair Charge-Back Pricing

Responsibility for Institutional Property

Residents are responsible for the general condition of the room, suite area, furniture, and fixtures. Inventory stickers, VOIP phones, and handsets (they will not work off campus), and fire extinguishers must not be removed.

Housing Services is the only one that can authorize, conduct, and manage maintenance, repairs, and replacements. This is done to ensure the work is completed properly, to the extent necessary, and in line with the University’s quality and integrity standards. As such, do not attempt to maintain or repair any damage, vandalism, messes etc. that has resulted from your actions. This includes but is not limited to repairing holes, doors, walls, shelves, leaks, etc. You will held responsible for the costs of labour and materials to undo and redo the work.

Costs for labour and material to clean, maintain, repair, or replace damage, vandalism, messes, etc. will be charged to those found responsible by Housing Services and/or the ORS Council. If a responsible party cannot be determined, charges will be split between the residence students of the applicable unit, floor, section, building, or ORS.

The prices for labour and notable items/materials are below. All prices are subject to change without notice and any items not listed will be assessed at the item/material costs plus 10%.

An administration charge of $10.00 will be applied to each charge notice assessed.

See Community Handbook

See ULeth Housing Recommended Cleaning Supplies

Damage Repair Charge-Back